Michael W., Groom

“We had about 3 or 4 on our list to contact, but our wedding coordinator steered us to SGM Events as she had experience with them in the past. DJ Mike Kleemann from Sleeping Giant Music Events was probably one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We were highly satisfied with our overall experience and the SGM team helped guide us through the whole process. From the beginning, DJ Mike Kleemann proved his experience with us as a wedding DJ and gave us sample music of his work, as well as playlists that he made available to us. We were pretty much vague as what we wanted, but he gave us options of what he can produce. He will ask about your likes and dislikes, songs you definitely want to play and songs that are a no-go, genres that you favor, and go through the list of songs from the ceremony through the last song! You’d think it would be easy, but making a playlist for your wedding is not as simple as you would think- especially coming from 2 individuals with semi-different tastes! Also, with all the songs on your want list, condensing that down to the dance part of the reception is very limited; however, he did it with a breeze. He also will do a walk through (if needed) to assess your venue for technical support so he can familiarize himself with the area- both ceremony and reception. Price is reasonable and within means. We added some A/V rentals to our order which didn’t cost too much or break the bank. Altogether, we will definitely recommend SGM + DJ Mike Kleemann- best combo ever!”